What we do

PornSwipe tries to learn your taste in porn and delivers images that it thinks you like. Our goal is to entertain you when you are bored. Pictures of cats, babies and dogs on social sites are overrated. Real men want to look at boobs ! So we give you boobs.

How we do it

There is some serious math going on in the background. Every decision you make ( Like / Dislike ) is recorded and matched against other users. The system is based on something called "Collaborative Filtering", which means : more people using the site will make it smarter. So please tell your buddies to come over here and start swiping. Some math happens quick , almost as fast as you can swipe, while other math takes a lot of computational power and happens overnight. That means , when you come back tommorow, you will see better pics then today.
By the way: Yes, this is all anonymous, we don't know who you are.

What do we want

Lots of people waste their time on stupid Facebook posts about cats. We want you to waste your time with us instead :)

Happy Swiping !
    -- The Swiper Team